Our practice offers many different medical products and services including:

General Practice

Our practice is able to attend to all areas relating to general practice medical related conditions

Sickness Certificate

Sickness certificates can only be made available after consultation with a doctor and they cannot be back dated.

Minor Operations and Procedures

Our nurses are all trained in the various techniques that our doctors perform in the many different medical procedures and minor operations at Ann Street Family Medicine’s modern, well equipped treatment room. We can also suture lacerations, treat eye injuries, as well as bone breaks and fracture diagnosis and management.

Investigation Procedures

Audio - ECG - Spirometry - Biopsies - INR - Cryotherapy

At Ann St Family Medicine we provide nurse led INR testing for our patients, these are patients on the blood thinning agents like Marevan, Coumadin and Warfarin.  By taking a sample of your blood, we can give you your results quickly and conveniently saving you time and the inconvenience of visiting a pathology provider.

This service is by appointment only.